The project

The object of the project is the creation of an integrated system of personalized tours and guidance of visitors using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies for content enrichment and proximity technologies to create personalized itinerary suggestions per visitor in Lemnos. The theme of the project concerns the promotion of the Cultural Resources of Lemnos with a focus on the First World War and the role of Lemnos in the outcome of the war as it was used as the main base of the allies for the battle of Gallipoli.

In the context of the project, the following actions are implemented:

  • Research documentation and collection of digital material including writing texts on ANZAC history on Lemnos
  • Digital recordings of stories by Lemnians
  • Digital photography of the premises and other points of interest.
  • Creation of 3D graphics
  • An online portal promoting the ANZAC story
  • A database of evidence-based digital material
  • Digital application for mobile devices (Android, iOS), with augmented reality technologies and 3D representations.
  • Creation of an augmented reality map

All applications will be bilingual (Greek/English)