West Mudros Muslim cemetery

There are 176 Egyptian workers of the British army and 56 Turkish prisoners buried in the West Mudros Muslim cemetery.

It is a Muslim cemetery which is located on the peninsula, on the western side of the natural port of Moudros near the Portianou village. The visitor reaches it by following a 3 km long dirt road from Portianou. It was built in memory of the Egyptian workers, who joined the Egyptian Labor Corps, that had arrived in 1915 in Lemnos and had remained there for one year in order for them to undertake the implementation of the required works on the island for meeting the objectives of the British army and navy. The cemetery is more a memorial and less a cemetery, as the original burials were made in the surrounding area and not in the cemetery.

It is surrounded by a four-sided wall with a side of 8.5 m long and a height of about 1.2 m. In the center of the yard,  a four-sided truncated pyramid has been erected, 1.35 m high and measuring 1.35X1.35 m at its base and 1.15X1.15 m. at its top. The pyramid stands on a base shaped like three steps, each 0.22 m high. It bears two insert marble plates with inscriptions in Arabic and English: “One Hundred and Seventy men of the Egyptian Labor Corps are buried near this spot”. A third one indicates: “Fifty-six Turkish soldiers are buried near this spot”.

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