French monument to the dead of the Gallipoli campaign

There is a French monument dedicated to the dead of the Gallipoli campaign in the center of the cemetery that has been erected on the initiative of the veterans’ associations. It is quadrangular and built of local black stone. It has a width at the base of 5 m, a base height of 0.65 m, and a total height of 6 m. On its main side, the north one, there is the inscription: “Pour la France 1915-1916″ (”For France 1915-1916″) and there is an insert plaque indicating: “A nos camarades morts pour la France. Leurs freres d’Armes. Pelerinage du 12 Juin 1930 ” (“To our comrades who died for France. Their comrades-in-arms. Pilgrimage of June 12, 1930”). The other two sides show the years 1915 and 1916.

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