On January 5, 1913, the information that the Ottoman fleet was moving towards the Dardanelles was received in Lemnos, where the Greek fleet was gathered. They immediately set sail the Averof, the battleships Hydra, Spetsai, and Psara, and 7 destroyers. The Ottoman fleet consisted of the battleships Barbaros, Turgut Reis, Mesudiye, the cruiser Mecidiye, 6-8 destroyers, and escort vessels. The first shots were fired by the Ottoman fleet and the Greek one responded with shotgun fire. Barbaros was seriously affected, making in that way, the Ottoman fleet to turn around to enter the Straits. The Ottoman fleet was followed by Averof, which caused great damage to Turgut Reis with its shots. The Greek losses were insignificant, and the Ottoman fleet never left the Straits again throughout the First Balkan War.