Moudros Cemetery

It is the main cemetery of the forces of the British Commonwealth and Entente in Lemnos. It is located next to the Christian cemetery of the village Moudros, which is on the east side of the homonymous bay and it is located 25 km from Myrina. During the Great War, Moudros was the main base for the warships and escort ships of the British and French fleets in the operation to take over the Dardanelles Straits. The cemetery was used for the burials of soldiers from April 1915 until September 1919. It houses a total of 885 burials of soldiers of the First World War. Most of them are buried in individual burials in four sections at various points in the cemetery. There are also two sections dedicated, the first one to the Muslim dead of the war that bears the inscription: “Here are buried Muslim soldiers of the Indian Army and the Egyptian Labor Corps” and the second one to the dead Hindu soldiers that bears the inscription: “Soldiers of the Indian Army are Honored here.” The Altar of Remembrance and the Cross of Sacrifice are among the sections dedicated to Muslims and Hindus. Both have the same shape as the cemeteries in Gallipoli, Turkey. There is also a French and a British monument to the dead of Gallipoli inside the cemetery. There are also 28 individual tombs of Russian soldiers and of a woman who left Novorossiysk in 1921 after the Bolsheviks took power, who died and were buried in Lemnos.

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